The Beginners

the final part of a doppelgänger trilogy

The sloth, the genius, the addict, the preacher, there are parts of us all that operate only in the extreme. Brought on by blind ambition or deep rooted pain, these are the parts of ourselves that others seldom use.

For the third and final exploration into the world and themes surround the doppelgänger, Boca del Lupo delves into the lives of those and the parts of us all that survive on the fringes of society.

Last Office: part one of a doppelgänger trilogy
Hold You Head Tight: part two of a doppelgänger trilogy

Creative Team

Sherry J. Yoon, Artistic Director of Boca del Lupo, is a theatre creator and director with a passion for creating new performances through collaborative pursuits. With Boca del Lupo, Sherry has co-created more than 35 productions, including: Fall Away Home, an intergenerational site-specific production in the forest of Stanley Park; Photog, a large-scale show that toured across Canada and was created with interviews from prominent conflict photographers; and You Are It, as part of the Silver commissions from the Arts Club Theatre that investigates the complex dynamics between female friendships. During Sherry’s tenure, the company has received numerous awards, including the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award, and Jessie Awards for Outstanding Production, Design, Actor, Ensemble, as well as the Critic’s Choice Innovation Award. Her productions have toured festivals and venues across Canada, Europe and Mexico.  She co-created an online exhibition of Expedition, an iterative collaboration between Boca del Lupo and the Performance Corporation, and working on Net Zero, an interactive theatre installation about climate change that involves the audience charging a battery with a stationary bicycle. She is also a freelance director who has worked at the Richmond Gateway Theatre, Bard on the Beach, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa Canada.

Sherry J Yoon

Performers Lucas Myers, Tasha Faye Evans, James Long, and Maiko Bae Yamamoto

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