All Good Things

A Vertical City Performance

They say it is the strongest swimmers that most often drown.

All Good Things is a conversation in the dark. A man reaches out to a stranger for help to piece together the fragments of a story that is difficult to believe and impossible to recount. A player and an audience member share memories and sensations, hopes and fears, accomplishments and lost opportunities. An intimate journey of revealing and concealing, of approaching and dancing around, of honesty and evasion. They talk about independence and commitment, autonomy and responsibility, and what is lost and what is found in personal trips way out to the edge.

Above all, All Good Things is about holding hands. As if your life depended on it. Because it did, and it does, and it will again.

Vertical City is an interdisciplinary performance hub located in Toronto, Canada. It consists of an evolving group of artists exploring the relationships between theatrical performance, aerial movement, architecture and spatial engineering, soundscape design, and intermediality. It begins with a preoccupation with “navigation” and explores both the function of gravity and the possibilities for balance in the performance of urban life.

Creative Team

Carey Dodge

Sound Design

Technology Director of Boca Del Lupo

Carey is a board member of the Canadian Electroacoustic Society. Carey is a multidisciplinary artist and technologist whose work focuses on sonic arts, interactivity, installations, sound design and performance. He studied Electroacoustics at Concordia University and received a Masters at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast. He has collaborated with hundreds of artists in the creation of works mostly in Vancouver but also Montreal, Toronto, the USA, UK & Ireland.

Through his work with Boca del Lupo in the unique role as a full-time technology director for a theatre company he as worked with the core creative team to continually expand, challenge and grow what is possible and what are impactful uses of technology for expressing artistic vision and connection with each other.

Carey Dodge
Sound Design

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